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Proven Effectiveness

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​Why Brain Health?

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Reliable Research

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About Dr. Michael Frias

​Dr. Michael Frias is a chiropractic care specialist with an emphasis in brain health.

While running his practice in Costa Mesa, Ca. he continues to serve his patients with the latest innovative treatments for optimizing brain health.

​Since my treatment started with Dr. Mike, I have lost over 30 pounds and haven't taken an Advil for pain in over four months.  If you want to start changing your life for the better, ​ start today with Dr. Mike.  

​David Cisneros

​Due to some health issues, I finally decided to change my life.  Dr. Mike put me on the right path to better health and better living.  I can't thank him enough for helping me live a better life for myself and my children.  Thanks Dr. Mike, keep up the good work.

​Janice Optimal

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