Dr. Michael Frias aka “The Brain Doc” is Chiropractor, Speaker and Teacher.  Dr. Michael graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles in 2004 and he specializes in Brain Health, Upper Cervical Specific technique and Brain-Based Wellness.  Some additional specific techniques that he uses are Thompson Technique, Full-Spine Specific, and Gondstead Technique. He is Co-Owner and Operator of CEV Chiropractic in Costa Mesa, California. Serving people in Los Angeles, Orange County, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach area.

Dr. Frias enjoys teaching families how they can get well and stay healthy, by showing them how to express their full God-given healing potential.  Dr. Michael is 100% dedicated in helping you naturally express your life towards a higher level of health and healing.  Inspiring you on your journey towards creating the most amazing healthy life ever!