A recent case study suggests that Specific Chiropractic Adjustments may alleviate chronic dizziness associated with neck pain.

A 29 year-old man had been suffering from cervicogenic dizziness for 10 years. His dizziness developed in his 20s after a lifetime of neck and back pain as a result of an auto accident he’d been in as child. The man had tried both medical and alternative treatments but nothing seemed to work. That’s when he began receiving Specific Chiropractic Adjustments as part of a case study on chiropractic care for dizziness. The man immediately felt less dizzy after just one adjustment and continued to improve from there.

After just 2 months of treatment, the young man had substantially less dizziness and pain, better neck range of motion, and an improved quality of life. Since there were no serious side effects, researchers concluded that chiropractic adjustments were a safe, effective treatment for this patient’s pain.

Although this was just a case study, it verifies research from another study in which chiropractic care combined with other approaches reduced dizziness in 80% of patients.  To learn more about how chiropractic can relieve dizziness, contact our office today.


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Before I became a Chiropractor I was a patient first.  Growing up as a kid I used to always suffer with frequent headaches, especially right after playing sports or doing strenuous activities.  I took every type of over the counter medication available you can think of and nothing seem to give me any relief, except combining 2 Sinutabs and an Advil.  These pills gave me some relief, but I sure didn’t want to take these medications for the rest of my life.  I knew there must be some other way.   I saw medical specialist after medical specialist and all of them pretty much had no clue why I kept getting these frequent headaches.  They told me…I just had to live with them.

In my early 20’s, while I was working out at the gym with my trainer, mentor, and Bodybuilding legend Rory Leidelmeyer, I was getting these severe headaches non-stop for 7 days.  My quality of life was slowly sinking, I couldn’t do any activities including my workouts which I love to do.

Then my trainer said the greatest thing to me…”Mike, you have to go see my best friend who is a Chiropractor and his name is Dr. Mike Shalhoub.”  Now, at that time, I had no clue that Chiropractic could help with headaches, nor did I care.  I was willing to try anything in order to have my headaches taken away. I just wanted my life back

So I went the next day to his office, and it was about 45 minutes away, but I didn’t care. Dr. Mike Shalhoub did a thorough spinal exam, x-rays and posture analysis.  He told me I had misalignments along my spine especially at the top area of my neck known as the upper cervical area which is right underneath skull.  These spinal bones were putting pressure right on my lower brainstem known as a Subluxation and it was causing my headaches.

He did a specific Chiropractic adjustment to my neck as well to the rest of my spine. Before I knew it, after just a few office visits…My headaches were gone! It felt like a thick heavy cloud was release from my head.  No more pain!  No more medications!  I could do all my activities as well as working out at the gym and NOT have anymore headaches…What a relief!  Till this day, I am happy to say, I haven’t taken any pain medication since 1999.

With ongoing Chiropractic care I was able to have my life back.  By this experience that I had and what I learned about the Philosophy of Chiropractic that “The Power that made the body Heals the body” and “The body is always self-healing”, drove me to become a Chiropractor, so I too can help others experience what I experience of this Extraordinary Power of Chiropractic.


Chiropractic Patients Have a Good Reduction in Migraine Frequency by 90%

Many patients rely on pain medications to manage migraines but did you know those medications may actually be causing you more headaches? A recent study found that medication overuse causes daily headaches in 1 in 50 people.  Fortunately, there are natural treatment options that don’t put you at risk for worsening head pain.

Cases studies have suggested that chiropractic is beneficial for migraine treatment in pregnant women and children but a 2000 study was one of the the first randomized, controlled trials assessing the efficacy of chiropractic for migraine.

The study involved 127 participants between the ages of 10 and 70. All had been diagnosed with migraines, and had a minimum of at least one migraine per month. Half of the patients received chiropractic adjustments, while the other half served as a control group. Treatment consisted of two months of chiropractic spinal adjustments, with a maximum of 16 adjustments. Over the course of the study, participants completed headache diaries noting the frequency, intensity, duration, disability, associated symptoms, and medication use for each migraine.

The treatment group showed statistically significant improvements in average responses for migraine frequency, duration, disability, and medication use when compared to the control group. Twenty-two percent of participants reported more than a 90% reduction of migraines after the 2 months of adjustments.  The results of this study support previous information that some people report significant improvement in their migraines after chiropractic adjustments.

Given that a high percentage of people with migraines report stress as a major migraine factor, it appears likely that chiropractic care affects physical conditions related to stress, thereby reducing the effects of the migraine.

A more recent study published in 2012 demonstrated that chiropractic care reduced pain severity in migraine patients by an average of 68%. In other words, chiropractic patients had their pain levels drop from an average of 5 to 0.5 on scale of 1 to 10.


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Healthy Foods for Memory

Leading a healthy lifestyle can cause so many benefits and that includes helping improve your memory. This is a very important aspect because if you will not take certain steps in order to nurture it, you may end up with disorders that are associated with this function of your brain.  Your memory is your brain’s ability to encode information, retain and store them and recall vital data whenever needed.

There are many things that you can do to help your brain perform at its best.  This can be achieved by avoiding unhealthy behavior like drinking too much alcoholic beverages, smoking and turning to drugs. You must learn how to control your behavior if you can’t stop immediately.  Exercising also helps in giving your brain good supply of oxygen.  This will enhance its performance and will make you remember things easier. It is also a must to get enough rest and good amount of sleep.  The way you think will be altered if you are tired, especially if you only got few hours of sleep that may leave you feeling weak and unable to think straight.

There are exercises that you can do to help improve your brain.  You can resort to various card games that promote such benefit.  You can also be active in learning new things all the time.  This allows the neurons in your brain to continuously rewire itself known as neuroplasticity.  You must also engage in different exercises and physical activities that will help regulate the blood circulation in your brain.  According to Dr. Roger Sperry (Nobel Prize Recipient for Brain Research) stated “90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine”.  You must also learn how to control your emotions, especially the stress that you feel as a result of thinking too much about your problems.  Depression causes a major impact on one’s memory as well as emotional instability.

Eating Right    You must eat right for your brain to function well.  By eating right, it means that you have to eat the kinds of foods that are healthy in proportions that will help you stay fit and vigorous.  Here are some foods that can help you achieve the goal of attaining better memory.

  1. Dry Almonds. Nuts contain healthy good fats that you can incorporate in your diet. These seeds contain an abundant source of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps out in improving your memory as you grow older.  Other rich sources of Vitamin E include hazelnut, spinach, kiwi, broccoli, mango and sunflower seeds.
  1. Wild Caught Salmon. This contains a lot of Omega-3 fatty acids that are important in developing your brain and helping it function better.  Such Omega-3s can also be found in halibut, sea bass, avocados, coconut oil, winter squash, flaxseed and walnuts.
  1. Organic Blueberries. These are rich in phytochemical elements that can affect one’s memory in a very good way. These are also good for your overall health.
  1. Lean grass fed beef. This is rich in iron that will help boost your memory if taken in moderate proportions.


Imagine your life full of abundant energy and low stress.  Imagine living that life without dependency on medications, free of medical debt, and without the burden of disease or pain.  You were created to live the life of your dreams and to fulfill your purpose during the short time you have on earth.  But, in order to be able to have all of that, you must first answer the question…What is my greatest asset?

Your greatest asset is your HEALTH!

Your health should be your #1 asset than anything else.  It doesn’t matter how much money you may have or how much power you have, once you loose your health…You loose it all.

As Americans, we have adopted the “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality with our most important asset.  We think that just because we don’t have any symptoms we’re healthy, this is simply not true.  We hear or read about all the time of marathon runners dropping dead after their race or the father who felt fine, no symptoms, drops dead of a heart attack at the age of 41.

We have become a reactive society of not taking care of our health on a daily basis, waiting until sickness and disease has devastated our bodies.  We need to take a proactive approached of “whatever it takes” mentality of maximizing our God-given health potential.  Preventing us from sickness and disease.

Society shows us on T.V., magazine covers, or in the movies, that our greatest asset is success and wealth or material things.  Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s only when someone we know dies, or at the end of someones life, or if something tragically happens to you, is when we start thinking that health is our greatest asset.

We need to know and believe when we wake up every single day…What are we doing today to invest in our most important asset…

Which is your Health!